is AND ...
If checked, no longer at Calvin
Benson, David - Chemistry & Biochemistry  (1 Item)  
  Student Learning. Student collection and analysis of chemical data from ponds on Calvin's campus with Chem 103 honors and Chem 105 honors sections. Students presented data at Fall CEAP conference. New in 2013 was collaborative collection of biological data linked with chemical data on biological health of Calvin ponds.
Fynewever, Herb - Chemistry & Biochemistry  (1 Item)  
  Book review. H. Fynewever, Review of Shark Love the Amazon a film by Mark London, Science Books and Films 50, 1, p. 29 (2014).
Halteman, Matt - Philosophy  (3 Items) 
  Journal article. Matthew C. Halteman, "Knowing the Standard American Diet by its Fruits: Is Unrestrained Omnivorism Spiritually Beneficial?" Interpretation: A Journal of Bible and Theology, 67 (4), 383-395. Peer reviewed.
  Invited lecture. "Animal Ethics: Three Strategies for Keeping the Focus Where It Belongs," Creation Care. Associated Mennonite Biblical Seminary, Elkhart, Indiana. 11/01/2013
  Keynote or plenary address. "Compassionate Eating as Care of Creation," McElmurry Ethics and Society Lectureship. Andrews University, Berrien Springs, Michigan. 10/04/2013
Haney, Becky - Economics  (1 Item)  
  Professional Svcs. Peer-review of article for the Atlantic Economic Journal.
Heffner, Gail - Administration  (2 Items) 
  Journal article. "Emergence of a College-based Watershed Group in West Michigan," River Voices, Volume 23, Number 2.
  Talk contributed at a conference. "Caring for a Shared Place: Academic Community Engagement for Watershed Restoration," Engagement Scholarship Consortium Annual Conference. Texas Tech University, Lubbock, Texas. 10/09/2013
Heun, Matt - Engineering  (2 Items) 
  Invited lecture. "Energy Efficiency and Green Revolving Funds," Invited presentation to Grand Rapids Public School Board Sustainability Subcommitte. Grand Rapids Public Schools Auditorium, Grand Rapids, Michigan. 10/25/2013
  Invited lecture. "Energy Efficiency and Green Revolving Funds," West Michigan Energy Leaders: A forum for strategic energy projects for West Michigan. Alumni House, Grand Valley State University, Allendale, Michigan. 10/15/2013
Joldersma, Clarence - Education  (1 Item)  
  Journal article. Joldersma, Clarence W. “An ethical Sinnegebung respectful of the non-human: A Levinasian environmental ethic,” Symposium: The Canadian Journal of Continental Thought 17:2 (2013) 224-245. Peer reviewed.
Loyd-Paige, Michelle - Administration  (1 Item)  
  Public Service. Member of the West Michigan Environmental Action Council IDEAL Advisory council for 2013-2014
Proppe, Darren - Biology  (2 Items) 
  Talk contributed at a conference. "The effect of anthropogenic noise on perception and production of acoustic signals in songbirds," Michigan Bird Conservation Initiative. Kettunen Center, Tustin, Michigan. 03/20/2014
  External grant (not govt). MSGC Research Seed Grant Award, MSGC
Van Kooten, Gerry - Geology, Geography, & Environmental Studies  (2 Items) 
  Talk contributed at a conference. "Rift Basins of Central Alaska," AAPEX Industry Conference on International Oil and Gas. Conference Hall, London, England. 03/12/2014
  Talk contributed at a conference. "Petroleum Geology of Alaska's Interior Rift Basins," Alaska Geological Society Conference. Hotel conference rooms, Anchorage, Alaska. 05/22/2014
VanderLeest, Steve - Engineering  (1 Item)  
  Session chair. "Program Chair for the Liberal Education/Engineering & Society division," American Society for Engineering Education (ASEE). Indiana Convention Center, Indianapolis, Indiana. 09/01/2013
VanHorn, Jason - Geology, Geography, & Environmental Studies  (1 Item)  
  Lead Conference Lecturer. 8 different lectures on "Towards Establishing a national spatial data infrastructure in Ethiopia," Ethiopia National GIS Summit - Reliable Geospatial Information for Sustainable Development. Ghion Hotel, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. 12/09/2013
Westra, Joel - Political Science  (1 Item)  
  Session panelist. "United Nations: Retrospect and Prospect," UN-2013: Symposium. Grand Rapids Community College, Grand Rapids, Michigan. 10/21/2013
Wunder, David - Engineering  (5 Items) 
  Poster presentation. "From Field to Filter: Fluoride Sorption onto Bagasse Charcoal," West Michigan Undergraduate Research Conference. Van Andel Research Institute, Grand Rapids, Michigan. 11/16/2013
  Seminar. "Tertiary Filtration System Upgrades at the Walled Lake - Novi WWTP," Engineering Department Seminar. Calvin College, Grand Rapids, Michigan. 10/23/2013
  Federal grant. MRI: Acquisition of a nanofluidic quantitative PCR/genotyping system to enhance faculty and undergraduate research., NSF
  Professional Svcs. Judge. American Academy of Environmental Engineering and Science: 2014 Excellence in Environmental Engineering & Science Competition.
  Curriculum. New Interim course: In Search of Water in Kenya. Co-developed (with John Bascom, GEO) a new cross-disciplinary service-learning course focused on water, culture, and public health in Kenya.

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