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If checked, no longer at Calvin
Administration - Heffner, Gail  (31 Items) 
  Conference abstract. Impacting individual and institutional change through a living-learning community on campus for the Association for the Advancement of Sustainability in Higher Education (AASHE) Conference Peer reviewed.
  Conference abstract. Improving Urban Health through Community-Based Research and Engaged Pedagogies with Gail Zandee, Sergio Da Silva, and Dave Warners for the National Outreach Scholarship Conference to be held October, 2011. Peer reviewed.
  Other publication. Heffner, Gail Gunst. 2010. Principal author for successful Calvin application to the Carnegie Foundation for the Advancement of Teaching for the Carnegie Classification for Community Engagement (one of only 311 U.S. institutions so recognized). Peer reviewed.
  Paper published in conference proceedings. Heffner, Gail Gunst and Warners, David. 2011. "Reconciliation Ecology: A Christian Pedagogy of Place." Conference Proceedings for Faith, Science and Stewardship: Christian Pedagogy on the Environment, Lilly Fellows Program in Humanities and the Arts at Benedictine University, April 2011. Peer reviewed.
  Church group presentation. Caring for creation close to home Adult Education. , Grand Rapids, Michigan. 11/15/2011
  Interviewed. "Community Sustainability Partnership of Grand Rapids," Radio Broadcast Interview - morning radio program. , Grand Rapids, Michigan. 04/20/2011
  Invited presentation/lecture. Webinar: "Community Engagement and Service-Learning at Faith-Based Institutions," Kansas Campus Compact webinar (with Claudia Beversluis). Kansas State University, Manhattan, Kansas. 02/16/2011
  Session chair. Local Responses to Climate Change Urban Affairs Association Annual Meeting. Sheraton New Orleans Hotel, New Orleans, Louisiana. 03/16/2011
  Session chair. Seeking Environmental Sustainability and Social Justice, Urban Affairs Association Annual Meeting. Sheraton New Orleans Hotel, New Orleans, Louisiana. 03/17/2011
  Talk contributed at a conference. Watershed Awakening: Connecting College and Community to a Shared Place (with David Warners) Association for the Advancement of Sustainability in Higher Education (AASHE) Conference & Expo. Colorado Convention Center, Denver, Colorado. 10/12/2010
  Award/honor. Greatest Green Initiative, West Michigan Business Forum
  External grant (not govt). Plaster Creek Stewards--Urban Waters Capacity -Building grant, River Network
  Curriculum. Developed a new May Interim course with Janel Curry on Sustainability in New Zealand
  Student Learning. Multiple meetings with student organization (REO-Renewable Energy Organization) to discuss their solar project
  Student Learning. Presented at the Mad Farmer Food Festival, organized by students
  Student Learning. Presented on a panel discussion for the Honors floor in Van Reken hall on Calvin's sustainability initiatives
  Student Learning. Provided mentoring for Off-Campus Programs intern in developing a special World Cafe on travel and carbon footprint
  Student Learning. Served as Faculty Advisor (with Dave Warners) for the Creation Care floor in Van Reken residence hall
  Student Learning. Served as Faculty Advisor for the Environmental Stewardship Coalition student organization
  Student Learning. Supervised student managers for the Calvin Community Garden
  Development & Service. Assisted the Development Office in fund development planning for the Calvin Energy Recovery Fund (CERF) with Ashleigh Draft and Matt Heun
  Development & Service. Convened bi-weekly Calvin Sustainability Forum, with Matt Heun and Clarence Joldersma
  Development & Service. Facilitated a summer workshop for churches and local residents for the Plaster Creek Stewards project (with Dave Warners and Nate Haan)
  Development & Service. Planned and organized the Poster Sessions (December and May) for the Calvin Environmental Assessment Program (CEAP)
  Development & Service. Planned the Calvin Sustainability Summit, with Matt Heun and Clarence Joldersma
  Development & Service. Planning team for the Climate Change Lecture Series (follow-up to CCCS Reading group)
  Development & Service. Reviewed data collection for the Calvin Sustainability Scorecard (with Matt Heun)
  Public Service. Member of the Mayor-appointed leadership team for the Community Sustainability Partnership
  Public Service. Served on the Board of Directors for the Healthy Homes Coalition of West Michigan
  Public Service. Served on the Board of Directors for the West Michigan Environmental Action Council
  Public Service. Served on the Governing Board for Groundswell, a watershed education project in collaboration with Grand Valley State University
Administration - Loyd-Paige, Michelle  (1 Item)  
  Development & Service. Attended Sustainability Summit. Representing Provost office.
Art & Art History - Ahn, You Kyong  (2 Items) 
  Talk contributed at a conference. "Adaptive-Use of Historic Churches: Comparison of Public and Professionals' Perception of Charitable and Non-Charitable Reuses," Environmental Design and Research Association Annual Meeting. Palmer House Hilton, Chicago, Illinois. 05/25/2011
  Student Learning. Participated in CEAP poster session
Art & Art History - Hoag, Jennifer Steensma-  (2 Items) 
  Session panelist. Considerations for Dim and Dark Rooms College Art Association Annual Conference. Hilton New York, New York, New York. 02/09/2011
  Development & Service. At a national photography conference I went to in Philadelphia, we visited the photo labs at Temple University. They had a system for disposing their exhausted fixer that seemed significantly better than our system of collecting the used fixer in barrels for a radiology company to dispose of, so I investigated it. We implemented the system this year where we pump our exhausted fixer into a filter (super can) that traps the heavy metal and allows the water to go down the drain. The super can only needs to be replaced annually and disposed by Safety Kleen at a cost of $200, which will save the department approximately $1800 a year. 250 gallons of fixer can go through the can before it needs to be replaced which will work with our volume. A sample of the photoprocessing waste was collected and dropped off at a local lab for silver content analysis this February. The results of the sample indicate the silver content is below the EPA threshold of 0.060 mg/L, so we can proceed with the new super can process at this point without any secondary measures. Jennifer Ambrose and Heather Chapman will take another sample this fall and then again next winter, probably in February to determine how effective the can performs over its life.
Art & Art History - VanReeuwyk, Jo-Ann  (6 Items) 
  Art Exhibition. Calvin Art Faculty Exhibition. Calvin College, Grand Rapids, Michigan. 02/11/2011
  Art Exhibition. All Things Considered IV, Group exhibition. National Basketry Organization, Fuller Craft Museum, Brockton, Massachusetts. 08/02/2011
  Art Exhibition. group exhibition, ArtPrize. Assocation for the Blind and Visually Impairied, Grand Rapids, Michigan. 10/15/2010
  Invited presentation/lecture. "Sanctuary," Glen Workshop - Image Journal, lecture and presentation. Mount Holyoke College, South Hadley, Massachusetts. 06/17/2011
  Led Workshop. "Fiber and Sacred Space," Glen Workshop, 7-day workshop. Mount Holyoke College, South Hadley, Massachusetts. 06/12/2011
  Development & Service. 1. Currently mentoring two faculty members in dept. 2. Reading groups: I participated in the International Development reading group led by Jo Kuyvenhoven as well as the Philosophy reading group on Beauty led by Laura Smit. I also led a reading group in the dept. which was based on FEN related issues and Contemporary Art Forms. 3. I've attended the National Art Education Association conference, the Michigan Art Education conference, the Christian Teacher's Association conference as well as a conference put on by Image Journal. 4. I am currently working on a project with the education dept. on Sacred Space and Pedagogy. 5. I've attended the Sustainability Summit and plan on workshop for the art dept in the fall. 6. I have attended and led faculty development events for the art dept. I am also involved with the Community Engagement project at Calvin.
Art & Art History - Wolpa, Adam  (2 Items) 
Yes Art Exhibition. "THE VISIBLE PAST," art exhibition of student work from Introduction to Drawing. 106 South Division, Grand Rapids, Michigan. 06/07/2011
Yes Work was the focus of a workshop or conference. 5th Annual Vegan Chili Cook-Off, Wake Up Weekend 2011. Barter Town Diner, Grand Rapids, Michigan. 03/12/2011
Biology - Blankespoor, Curtis  (1 Item)  
  Curriculum. Changed curriculum in Biology 111 to include a 3-week unit based on the book "Stuff: The Secret Lives of Everyday Things"
Biology - Bouma, Bud  (1 Item)  
Yes Curriculum. Developed and wrote Biology 115 (Human Biology) laboratory exercise titled "Humankind and the Environment: Calvin's Nature Preserve," emphasizing elements of environmental stewardship and sustainability; exercise is done last week of each spring semester
Biology - DeJong, Randall  (1 Item)  
  Curriculum. Engaged summer session students in service learning project of planting native species. Partnered with Native Landscapes.
Biology - Dornbos, David  (3 Items) 
  Talk contributed at a conference. Feasibility of Utilizing Woody Invasive plants in West Michigan as a Source of Locally Produced Ethanol Michigan Academy of Science, Arts, & Letters (MASAL) Conference. Saginaw Valley State University, Saginaw, Michigan. 03/11/2011
  Professional Svcs. Taught Biology 361 (Field Biology in Spring) at the Au Sable Institute, Mancelona, MI
  Public Service. Serve as a board member of the Land Conservancy of West Michigan (LCWM) and more specifically on the Stewardship Committee.
Biology - Grasman, Keith  (3 Items) 
  Poster presentation. "Assessing the Health Effects of Environmental Pollutants on Colonial Waterbirds in Areas of Concern in Michigan," West Michigan Regional Undergraduate Science Research Conference. Van Andel Research Institute, Grand Rapids, Michigan. 10/30/2010
  Poster presentation. "Quantitative Analysis of Immunotoxic Effects of Mercury in Common Loons of the Adirondack Park," West Michigan Regional Undergraduate Science Research Conference. Van Andel Research Institute, Grand Rapids, Michigan. 10/30/2010
  Talk contributed at a conference. "Assessment of Immunological Health and Mercury Exposure in Adirondack Common Loons," Wildlife Disease Association Meeting (60th Annual). Conference Center, Quebec City, Quebec. 08/15/2011
Biology - Koetje, Dave  (5 Items) 
  Federal grant. West Michigan GLISTEN cluster and grant, Learn and Serve America, National Center for Science & Civic Engagement
  Curriculum. Biology 123 GLISTEN service learning project at the West Michigan Land Conservancy's Lamberton Lake Fen Nature Preserve
  Curriculum. Biology 123 GLISTEN service learning project at the West Michigan Land Conservancy's Saul Lake Bog Nature Preserve
  Curriculum. Following participation in the Sustainability-Across-the-Curriculum summer workshop, I integrated sustainability as a key theme into the course material of Biology 123, beginning with assigned readings from Donella Meadow's book, Thinking in Systems. As part of our GLISTEN subgrant, I also incorporated service learning projects into the course in collaboration with the Land Conservancy of West Michigan.
  Curriculum. Two students (Peter Vandenberg and Alexandra Van Milligen) and I worked this summer to develop course materials for Biology 225 and 250, both of which we offered for the first time in AY 2010-2011. With funding through the Great Lakes Innovative Stewardship Through Education Network (GLISTEN, which is funded by NSF and Learn & Serve America), I developed ABSL modules in Biology 123. Working with the Land Conservancy in the fall, students removed buckthorn shrubs from the preserve at Lamberton Lake Fen and collected wildflower seeds from the prairie at Saul Lake Bog. Working with the Grand Rapids Parks Department this spring, students removed garlic mustard at Ken-O-Sha nature preserve. Also in the context of our West Michigan GLISTEN cluster and grant, I served as Calvin's liaison to connect with community partners, GVSU, and Muskegon Community College in developing concerted projects to assess and restore Great Lake ecosystems. Student research projects in Biology 250 are a large part of our effort. Finally, in the context of last summer's Sustainability Across the Curriculum workshop I coordinated the development and implementation of a new sustainability module in Biology 123. Based on Donella Meadow's book, Thinking in Systems, this inaugural unit now presents systems theory in a way that helps students to think more critically about the components (stocks, flows, and feedback loops) and resilience of sustainable biosystems.
Biology - Van Dragt, Randy  (4 Items) 
  External grant (not govt). Margaret A. Cargill Foundation Environmental Grant, Cargill Foundation
  Student Learning. Evaluation of the energy performance of Calvin's LEED-certified Bunker Interpretive Center -- In January I invited Prof. Matt Heun of the Engineering Department to evaluate the energy performance of the Bunker Interpretive Center. In spring 2011 the students of Engineering 382 deployed instruments throughout the facility to determine energy use. This fall the Engineering 333 class is using those data to evaluate how the building's performance compares to and EPA Energy Star standard. The hope is that a) we will have an accurate idea of the factors contributing to the building's energy demands and b) that we will develop ways to make the building efficient enough to receive an Energy Star rating.
  Student Learning. In the summer of 2011 I supervised two summer research students on similar research projects. One conducted a habitat-specific inventory of the small mammal populations of Calvin's Flat Iron Lake Nature Preserve, and the other investigated the cycling of small mammals in an outwash plain prairie on Whidbey Island, WA. Several years ago the Ecosystem Preserve created the student position of "stewardship internships," dealing with a variety of land management issues on Calvin's preserves. The educational goals are to develop practical land management skills based on the theoretical knowledge they are developing in their course work. We have two stewardship interns this fall. One is largely responsible for week-to-week monitoring and care of facilities at Flat Iron Lake and for developing an agenda for upcoming management actions. The second in focussing on optimal means of dealing with problem exotic species on the Ecosystem Preserve. I am presently supervising a biology-psychology double major who is interested in the behavioral adaptations fox squirrels make to the presence of humans. We have chosen as the environment of study cemeteries on an urban to rural gradient in order to simplify the types of interactions between humans and squirrels. Many of the virtues that we try to develop in Calvin students undergird living sustainably on this Earth. While much of sustainability focuses on energy and resource use, nurturing high functioning ecosystems is also key to sustaining biospheric processes. My goal, particularly in the internship program, is to develop skills in these that will allow them to practice the virtues that lead to sustainability.
  Public Service. I continue to serve as Chair of the Board of Trustees and Chief Scientist for the Pacific Rim Institute for Environmental Stewardship or PRI. PRI operates a 175- acre environmental study center on Whidbey Island, Washington. It is dedicated to transformative education that promotes sustainable living.
Biology - Warners, David  (1 Item)  
  Commissioned work. Memorial Garden Design and Establishment of native plant garden to memorialize a student who had recently passed away. Roguewood Elementary School, Rockford , Michigan. 07/15/2011
Biology - Wilstermann, Amy  (2 Items) 
  Interviewed. "Teaching Biology for a Sustainable Future," BioScience, October 2011. Interviewed for an article about integrating sustainability across the curriculum that appeared in BioScience. Calvin College, Grand Rapids, Michigan. 10/01/2011
  Poster presentation. Embracing Place: Involving Students in Community-Based Biological Research Science Education for New Civic Engagements and Responsibilities (SENCER) Summer Institute. Butler University, Indianapolis, Indiana. 07/23/2011
Biology - Zylstra, Uko  (1 Item)  
Yes Church group presentation. Presented a four part series on Global Food Security and Agriculture Sustainability Adult Education. Shawnee Park Christian Reformed Church, Grand Rapids, Michigan. 09/19-10/10/2010
Business - Eames, Robert  (1 Item)  
  Invited workshop participant. Human Centered Design Workshop. Grid70, Grand Rapids, Michigan. 06/08/2011
Business - Geddes, Sheri  (2 Items) 
Yes Invited presentation/lecture. Using the Media to Explore the Depths and Breadth of Sustainability Christian Business Faculty Association (CBFA) Conference. Mount Vernon Nazarene University, Mount Vernon, Ohio. 07/01/2011
Yes Development & Service. Attended the Sustainability Summit on the campus of Calvin College
Business - Van Drunen, Leonard  (4 Items) 
  Other online document. Van Drunen, Leonard D., A Christian Stock Picker, in The economic crisis and beyond: Christian reflections for turbulent times, Calvin College Alumni Association and Calvin Center for Christian Scholarship, November 2010, published online.
  Church group presentation. A Theology of Business Adult Education (Growing U). LaGrave Avenue Christian Reformed Church, Grand Rapids, Michigan. 02/20/2011
  Curriculum. Developed and proposed a new off-campus interim course, IDIS W11 Business as Mission in India. To be taught in January 2012. CCE.
  Student Learning. Recycle Bins made of Recycled Plastic: A Sustainability Challenge for Cascade Engineering, Jennifer Colosky, Bus 390 Honors Project advisor.
Chemistry & Biochemistry - Benson, David  (2 Items) 
  Curriculum. Worked With Jason VanHorn to implement GPS technology into the Water Quality Analysis project form Chem 103/104 Honors. (poster presentation at Fall 2010 CEAP Conference)
  Student Learning. Student collection and analysis of chemical data from ponds on Calvin's campus with Chem 103 honors and Chem 105 honors sections. Students presented data at Fall CEAP conference.
Chemistry & Biochemistry - Vander Griend, Douglas  (1 Item)  
  Curriculum. Incorporated a major sustainability learning project into a single section of Chem103 which culminated in student groups presenting on chosen issues.
Classical Languages - Dhuga, Umit  (1 Item)  
Yes Book authored. Choral Identity and the Chorus of Elders in Greek Tragedy. Harvard University, Center for Hellenic Studies. Series: Greek Studies: Interdisciplinary Approaches. Lexington: London; Maryland; New York. 16 October 2010. Peer reviewed.
Economics - Haney, Becky  (1 Item)  
  Development & Service. Attended and discussed the "Economics of Happiness" documentary shown at Calvin on Sat. March 5. This event combined issues of culture, economic development, and sustainability in a beautiful way and gave food for thought.
Economics - McMullen, Steven  (1 Item)  
Yes Development & Service. Helped organize the CCCS climate change reading group sponsored lecture series
Economics - Van Der Heide, Evert  (1 Item)  
  Church group presentation. Effective Stewardship Adult Education (Adult Sunday School presentation - 5 weeks). Providence Christian Reformed Church, Grand Rapids, Michigan. 11/21/2010
Education - Joldersma, Clarence  (2 Items) 
  Invited presentation/lecture. How can science help us care for nature? Hermeneutics, fragility, and responsibility Theory & Policy Studies Department. Ontario Institute for Studies in Education (OISE), University of Toronto, Toronto, Ontario. 11/26/2010
  Development & Service. Organized and co-chaired, with Matt Heun (Engineering), the third Calvin Sustainability Summit, a day-long discussion and action seminar about moving forward as a campus with respect to energy sustainability, held on May 26, 2011
Education - Verwys, Susan  (2 Items) 
  Curriculum. -During the school year 2010/2011, I (with the help of colleagues) moved a proposal for an early childhood major through committees. It was approved by Faculty Senate in October, 2010. I wrote syllabi and assignments for the new courses. Both FEN-related and sustainability-related elements are integrated into the courses. -I wrote an extensive application for the new program State of Michigan Dept. of Education. The program was approved in 5/2011. -In 2/2011, I began an intensive peer-review of another institution's early childhood program.
  Development & Service. - I mentored a new faculty member for EDUC 345 -Conferences: Michigan Association for the Education of Young Children; Conference on Research Directions, Institute for the African American Child in School - Sustainability Summit, Calvin College
Engineering - Heun, Matt  (8 Items) 
  Interviewed. Interview with WJRW radio personality James Gemmel Radio Broadcast Interview. 1340 AM, Grand Rapids, Michigan. 03/15/2011
  Interviewed. WGVU Interview Radio Broadcast Interview - Midday West Michigan. 885 & 953 FM, Grand Rapids, Michigan. 03/17/2011
  Professional Svcs. Reviewed one article for the journal Sustainability.
  Professional Svcs. Reviewed one paper for the journal Energies.
  Curriculum. Developed a proposal for a Calvin College Center for Sustainability Engineering covering faculty development, courses, and research in the Engineering Department.
  Development & Service. Heun, M.K. 2011. "Earthquakes, Tsunamis, and Nuclear Energy in Japan." Calvin College Engineering Department Seminar, Calvin College, Grand Rapids, Michigan, 14 March.
  Development & Service. Member of Grand Rapids Mayor Heartwell's Renewable Energy task force
  Development & Service. Served as member of faculty Environmental Stewardship Committee
Engineering - Hoeksema, Robert  (3 Items) 
  Book chapter. Hoeksema, R. Dutch Coastal Engineering Projects: Past Success and Future Challenges, in Engineering Earth: The Impact of Megaengineering Projects. ed. By Stan Brunn, Springer Science + Business Media, 2011. Peer reviewed.
  Consulting Report. Protection and Restoration of Natural Hydrologic Functions of Cedar Creek, Fishbeck, Thompson, Carr and Huber report prepared for the Muskegon River Watershed Assembly, March 2011. Peer reviewed.
  Invited presentation/lecture. "Vecht Valley Hydrology: Impact of a Half Natural River," Waterschap Groot Salland, research presentation. , Zwolle, Netherlands. 06/27/2011
Engineering - Wunder, David  (5 Items) 
  Journal article. D.B. Wunder, V.A. Bosscher*, R.C. Cok*, and R.M. Hozalski (2011). Sorption of Antibiotics to Biofilm. Water Research 45:6:2270-2280. Peer reviewed.
  Invited presentation/lecture. "Fate and Impact of Antibiotics in Slow-rate Drinking Water Biofiltration Processes," University of Minnesota Environmental Egineering Departmental Lecture. University of Minnesota-Minneapolis, Minneapolis, Minnesota. 12/22/2010
  Poster presentation. Antibiotics in Slow Sand Biofiltration and Batch Tests Michigan College's Foundation: Healthcare and Millenials. Van Andel Research Institute, Grand Rapids, Michigan. 11/04/2010
  Professional Svcs. Senior Process Engineer. Lead role and primary author for evaluation of alternatives and preliminary assessment for production of Class A biosolids at 3.2 mgd conventional municipal activated sludge treatment plant.
  Professional Svcs. Senior Process Engineer. Lead role and primary author for evaluation of energy optimization measures for municipal wastewater treatment plant. Focused on pumping, aeration, and solids handling.
English - Saupe, Karen  (2 Items) 
  Radio/TV program. Inner Compass Interviews aired 2010-11: 1104 The Good Life (guest: James K.A. Smith) 1106 U.S. Slavery in The North (guest: Katrina Browne and Juanita Brown) 1108 Navigating Conflict (guest: Bob Hall) 1109 Engaging with Art (guest: Sheila Wyne) 1110 Making It to College (guest: Brandy Johnson) 1112 Speaking of Faith (guest: Krista Tippett) 1115 Transforming Troubled Schools (guest: Sajan George) 1116 Female Asian-Americans: Finding a Voice (guest: Nikki Toyama-Szeto) 1118 All Kinds of Minds (guest: Temple Grandin) 1121 U.S. Environment: Our History with the Land (guest: Donald Worster) 1122 Making Globalization Work (guest: John Tiemstra)
  Public Service. Summer Program Director, Camp Mowana (Lutheran Outdoor Ministries in Ohio)
French - De Vries, Vicki  (1 Item)  
  Development & Service. Attended Sustainability Summit on campus- May 26
Geology, Geography, & Environmental Studies - Aay, Henk  (1 Item)  
Yes Curriculum. Course Innovations 10 all day and half day field trips related to environmental themes as part of the Environmental History of the Netherlands course taught in the Netherlands Course/Curriculum development and implementation Directed the first annual off-campus semester for Calvin science and engineering students at the VU University Amsterdam, Implementation of the curriculum for Calvin students at the VU University Amsterdam Sustainability Integrated into the Course Taught for the first time a course on Dutch Environmental History as part of this program; this course had a sustainability theme.
Geology, Geography, & Environmental Studies - Curry, Janel  (2 Items) 
Yes Invited presentation/lecture. Christianity and Climate Change Symposium on Climate Change and Religion, Central Pennsylvania Forum for Religion and Science. Messiah College, Grantham, Pennsylvania. 11/20/2010
Yes Invited presentation/lecture. Reaching Toward Sustainability: The Approaches of Calvin College and its Application to Eastern Mennonite University workshop. Eastern Mennonite University, Harrisonburg, Virginia. 11/01/2011
Geology, Geography, & Environmental Studies - Skillen, James  (2 Items) 
  Invited presentation/lecture. A Sense of Place in Environmental Studies: The Role of Church-Related Colleges and Universities Lilly Fellows Program Reunion Conference. Valparaiso University, Valparaiso, Indiana. 10/15/2010
  Invited presentation/lecture. Finding Our Place in God's Creation: The Challenge of Ecosystem Management Faculty Lectureship Award Series. Calvin College, Grand Rapids, Michigan. 04/04/2011
Geology, Geography, & Environmental Studies - Stearley, Ralph  (2 Items) 
  Invited presentation/lecture. Where have all the fishes gone? Fossils and the historical biogeography of native fishes in western North America Mellema Program in Western American Studies Annual Lecture. Calvin College, Grand Rapids, Michigan. 03/30/2011
  Poster presentation. Plaster Creek Survey Michigan Academy of Science, Arts, & Letters (MASAL) Conference. Saginaw Valley State University, Saginaw, Michigan. 03/11/2011
Geology, Geography, & Environmental Studies - Van Kooten, Gerry  (3 Items) 
Yes Consulting Report. CRC Synodical Report. Van Kooten, G.K., and 11 other authors, 2011. Creation Stewardship Task Force Report to Synod. Commissioned by Synod 2009 to consider global climate change and the recommended response of the Church and individuals.
Yes Curriculum. Developed and taught new Environmental Geology course. Special emphasis on energy issues and tradeoffs, options for sustainable energy sources. Students in small groups prepare a future energy plan for the US and present to class and panel of invited judges. Strong consensus of the class was to increase the nuclear power capability of the US.
Yes Public Service. Serving on CRC task Force initiated by Synod and assigned to address the issue of Climate Change and the Church's response to this environmental threat. One of 11 committee members with a goal of drafting final report for presentation to Synod 2012.
Geology, Geography, & Environmental Studies - VanHorn, Jason  (4 Items) 
  Other publication. VanHorn, JE and S Kenbeek. Plaster Creek Watershed GIS @ Calvin College. An online GIS system for synergy of teaching and research on the creek. (Version 1).
  Keynote or plenary address. Tress @ Calvin.gis Calvin Environmental Assessment Program (CEAP) Keynote presentation. Calvin College, Grand Rapids, Michigan. 02/12/2010
  Professional Svcs. Built map with Seth Kenbeek of Plaster Creek for Biology faculty - Ken Piers
  Curriculum. Created new labs materials in conjunction with Dr. Dave Warners in Biology for service learning on a CEAP sponsored Calvin College Tree Inventory project using GPS and GIS.
History - Maag, Karin  (1 Item)  
  Book chapter. "Strong Roots for a Vibrant Future" in Shirley Roels, ed. Reformed Mission in an Age of World Christianity: Ideas for the 21st Century. Grand Rapids: Calvin Press, 2011. 29-36. Peer reviewed.
Library - De Mey, Kathleen  (1 Item)  
  Student Learning. I am my church's liaison from our Stewardship Committee to the Plaster Creek Stewards group (Neland Ave. CRC).
Music - Sawyer, Charsie  (1 Item)  
Yes Drama/musical performance. Calvin Gospel Choir Conductor/Director, Calvin Gospel Choir Spring Break Tour, East Coast Tour to New York, New Jersey, Philadelphia and Ohio Concerts. New York, New Jersey, Philadelphia and Ohio, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. 03/18/2011
Nursing - Ayoola, Adejoke  (1 Item)  
  Development & Service. I participated in the sustainability summit held at Calvin on May 26 2011.
Nursing - Rossman, Carol  (4 Items) 
  Poster presentation. Facutly Development for Sustainability Association for the Advancement of Sustainability in Higher Education (AASHE) Conference & Expo. David L. Lawrence Convention Center, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. 10/10/2011
  Talk contributed at a conference. "Using the media to explore the depths and breadth of sustainability," Christian Business Faculty Association (CBFA) Conference. Mount Vernon Nazarene University, Mount Vernon, Ohio. 06/29/2011
  Curriculum. Assessment of learning of the newly implemented sustainability content in NUR 308 was assessed by a student paper. Students were asked to present three challenges they see related to sustainability in health care, three potential solutions to challenges, and how Christian nurses can be change agents in caring for the underserved in health care.
  Development & Service. Attended Christian Business Faculty Association Conference in Mt. Vernon, OH with accounting professor, Sheri Geddes, to present our course integration of sustainability in both nursing and business.
Nursing - Slager, Dianne  (1 Item)  
Yes Development & Service. Participated in Sustainability conference on campus.
Philosophy - Halteman, Matt  (6 Items) 
  Invited presentation/lecture. "Animal Welfare and Global Sustainability: Eating as an Act of Christian Discipleship" Critical Issues Symposium: Good Food for the Common Good (invited by the Philosophy Department). Hope College, Holland, Michigan. 10/06/2010
  Invited presentation/lecture. "Claiming Food Autonomy" Lecture to college students and philosophy faculty. Saint Mary's College, Notre Dame, South Bend, Indiana. 11/17/2010
  Invited presentation/lecture. "The Theological Life, Philosophical Askesis, and Non-Human Creation" Graduate Seminar on The Theological Life. Yale Divinity School, New Haven, Connecticut. 12/03/2010
  Invited presentation/lecture. Health Beyond Just the Self: Eating Toward Holistic Wellness for Humans, Animals, and the Environment Employee Workshop. Kent County Department of Health, Grand Rapids, Michigan. 06/01/2011
  Talk contributed at a conference. "We Are All Noah: Tom Regan's Olive Branch to Religious Animal Ethics," Tom Regan: A Celebration. North Carolina State University, Philosophy Department, Raleigh, North Carolina. 04/16/2011
  Internal grant. Eating as an Act of Justice Faculty Working Group, Calvin Center for Christian Scholarship (CCCS)
Physics & Astronomy - Steenwyk, Steven  (1 Item)  
Yes Development & Service. Worked with the Climate Change faculty reading group headed by Prof. Ken Piers to bring three speakers to Calvin to speak on climate change and its ethical implications.
Psychology - da Silva, Sergio  (2 Items) 
Yes Internal grant. Calvin College's Science Division Summer Research Fellowship, Science Division summer research
Yes Public Service. In collaboration with Bethany Christian Services, coordinated service with refugees for students in the Cross-Cultural Psychology class in the Spring semester, 2011.
Student Development - Crow, Robert  (2 Items) 
Yes Development & Service. In terms of sustainability, I have done three things: 1. I have shut off the HVAC unit in my office. I have found that I don't need it, as my office is cared for well enough by air flow from the general office area (unless I keep my door closed for long periods of time, which is very unusual). 2. I have made it a practice to shut off my office lights anytime I am not in my office. 3. I have made it a practice, and encouraged the same of my colleagues, to limit printing jobs - by utilizing more electronic filing and/or by always printing on both sides of page.
Yes Development & Service. We have done a number of sustainability-related initiatives in the Student Development Office. We have committed ourselves to photocopying two-sided, turning off lights when not in our offices and even turning off heat/AC units from our individual offices. We also invited Matt Heun to meet with our staff in December to talk about various ways to conserve energy in our offices.
  Dept. Faculty Name Number of
Administration Heffner, Gail 31
Administration Loyd-Paige, Michelle 1
Art & Art History Ahn, You Kyong 2
Art & Art History Hoag, Jennifer Steensma- 2
Art & Art History VanReeuwyk, Jo-Ann 6
Art & Art History Wolpa, Adam 2
Biology Blankespoor, Curtis 1
Biology Bouma, Bud 1
Biology DeJong, Randall 1
Biology Dornbos, David 3
Biology Grasman, Keith 3
Biology Koetje, Dave 5
Biology Van Dragt, Randy 4
Biology Warners, David 1
Biology Wilstermann, Amy 2
Biology Zylstra, Uko 1
Business Eames, Robert 1
Business Geddes, Sheri 2
Business Van Drunen, Leonard 4
Chemistry & Biochemistry Benson, David 2
Chemistry & Biochemistry Vander Griend, Douglas 1
Classical Languages Dhuga, Umit 1
Economics Haney, Becky 1
Economics McMullen, Steven 1
Economics Van Der Heide, Evert 1
Education Joldersma, Clarence 2
Education Verwys, Susan 2
Engineering Heun, Matt 8
Engineering Hoeksema, Robert 3
Engineering Wunder, David 5
English Saupe, Karen 2
French De Vries, Vicki 1
Geology, Geography, & Environmental Studies Aay, Henk 1
Geology, Geography, & Environmental Studies Curry, Janel 2
Geology, Geography, & Environmental Studies Skillen, James 2
Geology, Geography, & Environmental Studies Stearley, Ralph 2
Geology, Geography, & Environmental Studies Van Kooten, Gerry 3
Geology, Geography, & Environmental Studies VanHorn, Jason 4
History Maag, Karin 1
Library De Mey, Kathleen 1
Music Sawyer, Charsie 1
Nursing Ayoola, Adejoke 1
Nursing Rossman, Carol 4
Nursing Slager, Dianne 1
Philosophy Halteman, Matt 6
Physics & Astronomy Steenwyk, Steven 1
Psychology da Silva, Sergio 2
Student Development Crow, Robert 2
  Totals (48 groups) 137

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