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Your Christian Study Center's Name     More details...      
Your Christian Study Center's Name     More details...      
Your Christian Study Center's Name     More details...      
Your Christian Study Center's Name     More details...      
Africa  (15 Centers/Institutions) 
Africa University Theological Research Unit Zimbabwe   More details...   Mutare  
African Institute for Contemporary Mission and Research Kenya   More details...   Butere  
Akrofri-Christaller Institute of Theology, Mission and Culture Ghana Professor J. H. Kwabena Nketia More details... Akropong-Akuapem
Catholic University of Eastern Africa Research Committee Kenya Rev. Dr. John Lukwata More details...   Nairobi  
Daystar University Department of Research, Publications, and Consultancy Kenya Professor Faith Nguru More details...   Nairobi  
Institute for Study of African Realities Kenya   More details...   Nairobi  
Jesuit Historical Institute of Africa Kenya   More details...   Nairobi  
Maryknoll Institute of African Studies (MIAS) c/o Tangaza College Kenya   More details... Lang'ata  
Network of African Congregational Theology (NetACT) South Africa Professor H. Jurgens Hendriks More details... StellenBosch
Nigeria Pentecostal & Charismatic Research Centre     More details...      
Research Department, The Catholic University of Eastern Africa Kenya   More details...   Nairobo  
Research Institute for Theology and Religion (RITR) UNISA South Africa Professor Cornel du Toit More details...   Pretoria
Research Institute on Christianity and Society in South Africa (RICSA) South Africa James Cochrane More details...   Cape Town
The Ujamaa Centre for Biblical and Theological Community Development and Research South Africa Professor Gerald West More details...   Durban
Theological Research Institute in Namibia Namibia   More details...   Windhoek  
Asia  (30 Centers/Institutions) 
Center for Interdisciplinary Study of Monotheistic Religions Japan   More details...   Kyoto  
Center for Mission Studies, Union Biblical Seminary India Reverend F. Hrangkhuma More details... Pune  
Center for Sino-Christian Studies     More details...      
Center for the Study of Christian Thought TAIWAN Rev. Dr. CHEN Shang-Jen More details...   Taipei
Center for the Study of Christianity in Asia Singapore Edmund Chua More details...
Center for the Study of Religion and Chinese Society China   More details...   Hong Kong  
Centre for Contemporary Christianity in Bangalore Bangalore   More details...   Hoysala Nagar  
Centre for the Study of Christianity (CSC) at the Hebrew University, Jerusalem Israel Dr. David Satran More details...   Jerusalem
Formosa Christianity and Culture Research Center Taiwan   More details...   Tainnan City 711  
General Research Institute- Christianity & Culture Japan   More details...   Ageo-shi  
Henry Martyn Institute - International Center for Research, Interfaith Relations and Reconciliation India Andreas D'Souza More details... Hyderabad  
Hong Kong Center for Sino-Christian Studies (CSCS) Hong Kong Professor Phee Seng Kang More details... Sai Kung (North), New Territories
Institute for Christian Cultural Studies Korea   More details...   Daejeon  
Institute for Christian Culture Japan   More details...   Tokyo  
Institute for Christian Studies Japan   More details...      
Institute for Comparative Studies of Culture Japan   More details...   Tokyo  
Institute for Research in Christianity and Culture Japan   More details...   Izumi-ku  
Institute for the Study of Christianity & Culture Japan   More details...   Mitaka, Tokyo  
Institute of Christian Studies Korea   More details...   Jeonju  
Institute of Christian Thoughts and Culture Korea   More details...   Seoul  
Institute of Christianity & Korean Culture Korea   More details...   Seoul  
Kairos Research Centre Malaysia   More details...   Damansara Jaya  
Korean Research Institute for Missions South Korea Dr. Steve S.C. Moon, M.A, PhD. More details...
Kuai Mu Institute of Christianity and World Cultures China   More details...    
Mylapore Institute for Indigenous Studies India Reverend Abraham Peddiny More details... Tamil Nadu &
Nanzan Institute for Religion and Culture Japan Paul L. Swanson More details... Showa-ku  
Oxford Encyclopedia of South Asian Christianity India Dr. Roger E. Hedlund More details... Tamil Nadu  
Research Center of Overseas Sinology China   More details...      
South Asia Institute of Advanced Christian Studies India   More details...   Bangalore  
The Ecumenical Institute for Study and Dialogue (EISD) Sri Lanka   More details...   Colombo  
Australia/Pacific  (2 Centers/Institutions) 
Centre for the History of Christian Thought and Experience (CTE) Australia Stuart Piggin More details...   Sydney
Christian Research Association Australia   More details... Nunawading LPO  
Europe/Middle East  (41 Centers/Institutions) 
Andrew F Walls Centre for the Study of African and Asian Christianity United Kingdom   More details...   Liverpool  
Cambridge Centre for Christianity Worldwide United Kingdom Dr. Emma Wild-Wood More details...   Cambridge
Center for the Study of Inter-Religious Relations United Kingdom   More details...   Edgbaston  
Center for the Study of World Christianity United Kingdom   More details...   Edinburgh  
Center for World Christianity and Interreligious Studies The Netherlands   More details...   Nijmegen  
Centre for Advanced Religious & Theological Studies United Kingdom   More details...   Cambridge  
Centre for Intercultural Theology, Interreligious Dialogue, Missiology and Ecumenism Netherlands martha frederiks More details... or Utrecht
Centre for the Study of Jewish-Christian Relations United Kingdom   More details...   Cambridge  
Centre for Theology, Religion & Culture   Professor Alister McGrath More details...   London
Centro De Capacitacion Misionera Bolivia   More details... La Paz  
Centro de Estudios para la Persona y la Cultura     More details...      
Centro de Etica Chile   More details...   Santiago  
Centro de Etica y Responsibilidad Social Juan Pablo II Chile   More details...   Temuco  
Centro Evangelico de Misiologia Andino-Amazonica Peru   More details...   Lima  
Centro Teologico Manual Larrain Chile   More details...   San Joaquin  
Chateau De Bossey: The Ecumenical Institute Switzerland Fr Professor Dr Ioan Sauca More details... Bogis-Bossey  
Christian Research United Kingdom Benita Hewitt More details... Swindon  
Christians in the Middle East United Kingdom Dr. Christine Linder More details...
Fundacion Kairos Argentina   More details...   Florida  
Institute of Ecumenical Studies Ukraine   More details...   Lviv  
Institute of Historical Research Argentina   More details...   San Miguel de Tucumán  
Instituto de Ciencias Religiosas Chile   More details...   Valparaiso  
Instituto de Ciencias Religiosas Chile   More details...   Santiago  
Instituto de Doctrina Social de la Iglesia Republica de Argentina   More details...   Santa Fe de la Vera Cruz  
Instituto de Estudios Generales Chile   More details...   Talca  
Instituto de Etica y Desarrollo     More details...      
Instituto de Fe y Cultura Peru   More details...   Lima  
Instituto de Investigacion Pedagogica Peru   More details...   Chiclayo  
Instituto de Investigaciones Historicas Republica de Argentina   More details...   San Miguel de Tucuman  
Interdisciplinary Center for Religious Studies Georgia   More details...      
Latin American Research Consortium Socio-Theological (CLIST) Venezuela Dr. R. Esteban Montilla More details... Caracas  
Life and Peace Institute Sweden   More details...   Uppsala  
Max Planck Institute for the Study of Religious and Ethnic Diversity Germany   More details...   Göttingen  
Nordic Institute for Missiology & Ecumenism Denmark   More details...   Frederiksberg  
Oxford Center for Mission Studies (OCMS) England Dr. Wonsuk Ma More details... Oxford  
Oxford Centre for Christianity & Culture United Kingdom   More details...   Oxford  
The Centre for Pentecostal and Charismatic Studies United Kingdom Dr. Mark Cartledge More details...   Birmingham
The Centre for Theology and Community England Reverend Dr. Angus Ritchie More details... London  
The Gospel and Our Culture England David Kettle More details...      
The Kirby Lang Institute for Christian Ethics England Dr. Jonathan Chaplin More details...   Cambridge
The Nova Research Centre United Kingdom Darrell Jackson More details... Gloucester
North America  (25 Centers/Institutions) 
Ambrose University College, Jaffray Centre for Global Initiatives Canada   More details...   Calgary  
Baylor Institute for Studies of Religion United States of America   More details...   Waco  
Center for Christianities in Global Contexts     More details...      
Center for Early African Christianity USA   More details...   St. Davids  
Center for Global Christianity & Mission The United States of America   More details...   Boston  
Center for Studies in Global Christianity The United States of America   More details...   Nyack  
Center for the Study of Global Christianity (CSGC) United States of America Dr. Todd M. Johnson More details... South Hamilton  
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